Yitshak Kaduri or Where Are the Solutions ?

The Machiah will come and the sheep will return to their green pastures ...
Hey, really believe that ?
What for, Gentlemen ?
If we don't become better, what's the game to be saved ?
From what ? Our own deeds ? Ourselves ?

Gosh ! Someone truly believes that if being plunged into a wave of Godly Spirit or into the Jordan waters he will become better ? Kind of a new oneself taken off a magic bag ? Hehehe, you would really like to become better without having being involved ? Real beggars at least do not hide themselves behind an identity, an illusion, a faked respectability ... Beggars don't get a paycheck neither do them fight for one. Beggars do not shop at Walmart neither do they claim their innocence. Man ! If most of the people ought to be saved in their current mental, moral and physical states, they would not be able to pay with a thousand lives the spiritual price of their 'salvation'. And would one be able to pay, what is it worth for ?

'Salvation' is worth not for its end but for its "use". Like life, it is worth what we are able to use of it. If we love each moment of life, if we try to become better as much as possible, that is the price, a price you can't receive without having been involved in.

This is like climbing an infinite mountain, like going up Yaakov"s ladder until the sky, the Skies.

The end is in the mean. The aim is a tool to harvest in real time. Becoming better is in itself its own reward.
The root solution to all problems is individual at first. If we all become better, as if it was like the spreading of a 'good virus', the solutions would arise between us and be implemented like a miracle because we would all agree for there are not many roads to becoming good, to the possible instant Paradise if we wanted it.
The solution must come out of us or it is not worth to get one ready made, whatever it would be, from who ever people, civilization, Machiah or holy spirit would better us with.

The 'alternative internet' has a lot of warnings, of explanations but few solutions. Because most are looking for an outside global solution. To begin with individual solutions, well, we must get together and hold the problems together, locally behave as united family members of the planet earth's humanity, .
Each individual must see himself as a part of the solution, not of the problem, and think and behave accordingly.

One domain to become involved in is the alimentation because it is the base. For all individuals, as human being, we must have access to water and food, to a piece of land, or an appartment, and a place to work. These are the basics against no one can say something. And also the peace to be free of thieves, of infamy and violence because we all walk on the same path, in the same direction, with no offense, with total respect of one another. Against those 'rights', no law can prevail. Laws are done in the beginning to protects the natural untainted basic needs of Humanity as
"the gathering of individuals who are all humans, 
entitled to the same part of space to live for the purpose to which they has come on earth: 
be free of oppression and having the basics to live happily and freely with no tyranny".

People ! this up to us ... No one else, not our neighbor, not our dog.

It would be no use to get that without doing it ourselves.
The solutions is ours and always ready in front of us:
"Choose Good !"

Let me tell you one truth: as long as there are slaves, pyramids will be built. As soon as misery and oppression, we'll build a new garden of Eden, by ourselves, all together ...
Yeah, hard to believe isnt'it !
Well,it is not a dream but a possibility, even if one oa a billion !!

Here's an example. If you are ill, do you believe that you will take a medecine and that you will get better for ever ? No, and more so for the mental, moral and spiritual illnesses. If the illness came, it is that something in your life is wrong, is on the wrong way. To be cured, there is something to change, permanently, definitly. Don't believe that a miracle is worth even a half pence if there had to be one !

Now, please tell me: What does Kaduri write, literally ?
"He will raise the people". Will he ? You don't get to drink a cat that doesn't want to drink. He will show the door and the people will stand up, will raise itself if only to be able to be standing, up. So, get real, stop dreaming of being 'saved' or having TO BE saved, stop tolerate depravation because you  are yourself depraved and you like to accept it because you trust in repentance and there is time to repent, if I could ...

People like Yitshak Kaduri do not dream. The Machiah is THE PEOPLE, you and me. I mean, see what a guy like Jesus did at a time comparable to ours in term of social stress: nothing. People still make wars and hate one another ... It is our goal in our life to BECOME a man, a woman. This is our difference with Animals that we can do wrong. This is the challenge of each man and woman down here; being a man, a woman, as this is what we are here for.

Yes, this is your, my challenge and I would live without it ? What for being alive, then ?? Enjoying life as a paradise with no road to follow, with no better in sight, with no hope ???  I'd want to be robbed of my freedom to chose a good path ? No thank's, But I am, we are not alone and we need that the 'group' be not to opposed to 'good', and that is the main tool the PTB of all ages always helped illusions to be the norm, illusions and depravation, violence, individualism in its bad sens. Individualism means we are all unique and different in order to complement each other, to create with each wunique world a common world of diversity, freedom and happiness. It is up to us, to every one of us to chose 'good', and discover the 'Machiah', as an old saying says: "there is a Machiah hidden in every generation". Let's be happy, together. Are you happy ?
Bless !!

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